Brothels extra section

Brothels in Australia are legal in some states, its best to check your local area to see what you should be doing.

Are you are looking for Rub and Tug (Happy Ending Massage)

Massage parlours and brothels are sometime a little different, best to check the ads carefully to make sure you are getting what you want when you arrive.

The rub and tug or “happy ending” massage is not a concept that needs explaining in any great detail on these pages, you will have arrived here knowing what you were after.

1st time at a brothel?

These places are usually setup for first timers; just let them know straight away.

Before you get there:

  • Shower, wash everything thoroughly – you know what we mean
  • Brush your teeth
  • Bring lots of cash

Other than these things check out the online profiles of the girls in your area.

The profiles will detail more information on what to expect, and often provide some guidelines, if in doubt call them.