Strippers extra section

You may be having a party and need some entertainment and strippers (male or female) can be a great choice.

Maybe you are having your buck or hens night and want to spice it up for the bride to be?

You can use independent strippers, or via an agency – there are many options from topless waiters, topless waitress, and lingerie models.

When hiring a stripper

Have you hired a stripper before? If not it may be an idea to go through an agency unless you have a recommendation as you may not know the rules and you don’t want it to get awkward – most agencies are very friendly and helpful.

Can you touch a stripper?
Usually no, you should check.

Can you take photos?
Usually no, you should check.

Do you have the room?
Make sure you have a room that is large enough and discreet enough. You don’t want any unexpected visits from neighbors or police depending on the show.

Strippers are not prostitutes
Don’t expect anything else, these girls are just for show… if you want more then go to the brothel.